Kuhenza for the Children have a wonderful staff. They are all dedicated to and work very hard for the children and families we support.

Whether working as programme officers from Kuhenza’s office or as support teachers at the schools, they all deserve to be looked after and to be given the opportunity to grow in their jobs.

Kuhenza for the Children regularly do staff training and recently we organised a two-day course regarding counselling and mental health. The course was facilitated by Jen Radler, M.S

All our staff who are in direct contact with parents and children will have to counsel and advise daily, and having the right skills and tools to do so is very important. Even though many of our staff have several years of experience, there is always room for improvement and for learning new methods.

Depression is one of the mental health issues that is very common among parents of children with special needs and we need to be able to identify when a parent need help and support with their mental health.

Working with families who have a child with special needs can be incredibly challenging. We meet parents who are grieving, in denial or full of guilt and self-blame. At the same time, these parents are often ostracised in their community and even in their own families, so it is a very demanding job for our staff to support these parents and their children.

That is why it is equally important to look after our staff’s mental health. Every person working for Kuhenza are human beings with feelings, and sometimes it can be hard not to take the work home with them when they have had a particularly hard day with a difficult case.

Kuhenza wants to ensure that all our staff are supported and feel comfortable talking about the difficulties they face so self-care for our staff was also part of the two-day course.

There was a lively discussion during the course and many important concerns and questions were debated.