They did it !!

From the 31stDec 2015 to the 8thJan 2016, three young disabled Kenyans completed the 9-day climb to Mount Kilimanjaro’s summit. Their goal was to raise funds to create awareness about people living with disability in their community and to prove to the world that DISABILITY IS NOT INABILITY. They were joined and supported in their challenge by a team of 7 experienced climbers from the US and by Bishop Kalu from Mombasa Diocese.

– Fumo, 19 years old, is mentally challenged
– Hassan, 17 years old, is deaf
– Mercyline 15 years old, has Cerebral Palsy

The 3 young people are all students of Kuhenza-supported schools.

We are so proud of them. Not only did they conquer the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, they also overcame their own disabilities and they certainly proved that DISABILITY IS NOT INABILITY.

After returning to Kenya they have shared their experience with many other people, both in large public gatherings and among their friends and family who are all so proud of them. Now they are powerful role models for people with disabilities in their community.

Well done to Mercyline, Fumo and Hassan