The Corona virus which is causing so much heartache and trouble all over the world has also reached Kenya

This means that all the children Kuhenza supports in boarding schools over Kilifi County has been sent home to their parents.

This doesn’t mean that Kuhenza’s responsibility for these children is any less, on the contrary it now means that Kuhenza has to deliver food and medicine to them as well as support the parents in looking after them at home. Some of these children have severe disabilities and need special care which is difficult for the parents to provide.

Kuhenza has developed a program for handling this difficult situation which so far has included a phone call to every parent where they were advised on how to protect themselves and their children. The staff at Kuhenza reminded the parents how important it is for those children to feel included in the family; that they play with them and talk to them as well as look after their physical needs and make sure the children are given their medicine.

Since Thursday the 2nd of April, Kuhenza has been very busy with delivering food, medicine and soap to each and every child in our sponsor program. It is a time consuming and difficult job to reach all these children as many of them live very remotely and some places are hard to reach. But Kuhenza will make sure that no-one is forgotten. Follow up phone calls to the parents have already started and will continue until the children are back in school.

Many parents could not believe their eyes when the saw the Kuhenza vehicle arrive with supplies for their child and were so grateful and also the children were very happy to see the well known car arrive. One child, Brian said: “Thank you for this gift, may you come again”. A grateful father showered the staff with blessings and couldn’t thank them enough.

When all the sponsored children have been reached we will continue reaching out to the other children and also many who are not in our system but have been identified by different community leaders as having special needs.

So far almost 200 children have been assisted but there are still many more who need our help.