Driving to Malindi for a meeting, Kuhenza’s Director Leonard Mbonani spotted a man in a bicycle wheel chair. He was laboriously making his way along Mombasa Road, carrying three big sacks of charcoal in the wheelchair.

Disability is not inability 1

Leonard, who never misses an opportunity to talk with someone with a disability, no matter where he encounters him or her, immediately asked the driver to stop the car so he could have a chat with the man.

The gentleman in the wheel chair was happy to talk and told Leonard that he was married and had two children. His business of selling charcoal made him able to look after his family and send his children to school.

Here is another proof that disability is not inability. With determination and willpower this man who is severely disabled is able to be completely self reliant. He even promised to come and visit one of our schools in the future and talk to the children about the way he has overcome living with a disability.